Responsive Day Out: The Final Breakpoint

    Responsive Day Out is a conference unlike many others. Forget about Swag Bags, lanyards and fancy snacks. It’s the leanest conference I ever attended in terms of organization and reduced to the essence: Good talks and nice people.

    The Format

    The conference only lasted one day but came packed with the insane number of 12 speakers in total. There was only one speaker track, so you got to see all of them during the day - no hard choices to make. It was highly compressed, almost overwhelming knowledge hammering into my brain, in a density that I had rarely experienced before. It was awesome!

    So was the format in general: The day was split into 4 parts, where each part consisted of 3 speakers. The talks took about 20 minutes each, followed by a short discussion with the three speakers of the segment. The discussions (as the conference in general) where moderated by the entertaining one and only Jeremy Keith. The initiator of the Responsive Day Out and well known as Author, Speaker and Host from other conferences like Smashing Conference. I deeply appreciate the effort and love that he and his team from @clearleft put into this conference.

    The Topics

    As already mentioned the day was split into 4 topic segments. Each contained 3 talks around a broader topic area.

    #1: Big picture thinking around workflows

    #2: Mini conference on front-end technologies

    #3: Beyond today and to the future of responsive design

    #4: High level view of what the future might bring.

    Takeaways & Learnings

    I will not try to cover the actual contents of all the talks here… And luckily I don’t have to. Videos of the whole conference will be provided at, the official audios are already linked. Also there is a very nice write-up with more details on Hidde de Vries Blog.

    But I do want to point out my personal highlights and takeaways:

    • I have to look into flexbox (again)
    • I want to learn more about hidden & aria-hidden
    • I’m not the only one puzzled by responsive images
    • Being a generalist is nothing to be ashamed of
    • JavaScript haters are hating JavaScript, but still you can make fast things using it
    • Efforts on making sites and products accessable are worth it!
    • Service Workers are the new shit!
    • Heydon Pickering rules!

    If you are curious on more details, keep an eye on the conference website for the talks to be available as video, or check twitter for #responsiveconf to find links to the slides and other reports.

    I had a really good time in Brighton at the 3rd Responsive Day Out! Thanks to all people who made it happen and to those who shared their thoughts and ideas, on stage as in the pub :)