About me

My name is Kai. I’m a web dude from Hamburg, Germany. I currently work as project manager at Jimdo - a website builder with over 15 Million websites created so far.

I studied “information technologies” and “philosophy of media”. I did several jobs from freelance web designer, social worker at the Youth Wellfare Office to passionate part time musician.

After all that, I ended up here blogging on things related to mind, code and design. For me to express, for you to enjoy…

If you like to get in contact you can reach me through mail, twitter, github and google plus, all linked somewhere around this site.

Feel free to check my other projects

About this blog

This blog is my digital playground making use of the following software, techniques and open source projects:

  • Jekyll - Generating a static blog out of markdown files
  • Gulp - My workflow automator and build runner
  • GitHub - Version control, backup and deployment
  • Uberspace - Hosting, email and domain
  • IcoMoon - Generating and maintaining IconFonts
  • Atom Editor - GitHubs Editor / IDE
  • MOU - Free and Easy Markdown Editor with live preview
  • Browsersync - Helps my workflow to flow and be less work